VR ON AIR TEST Awarded a Prize at the OutSystems Innovation Awards 2017

September 21, 2017

TOKYO-- VR ON AIR TEST (hereinafter “VR OAT”), the first video evaluation service developed and launched by AOI Pro. under its VR Insight™ service line, was awarded a prize at the OutSystems Innovation Awards 2017. This marks the first time a Japanese company has received this award.

Photo on the left: Executive Officer, Yasutoshi Nakada (front row, third from right) with General Manager, Experience Design Department, Takayuki Yoshizawa (second from right)
Photo on the right: Two people holding the OutSystems Innovation Awards trophy

The OutSystems Innovation Awards is an awards program organized by OutSystems, Inc., headquartered in Portugal, which recognizes organizations and groups that have successfully created advanced, productive, and high-value innovations in business using the world's ultra high-speed development platform "OutSystems." This year’s ceremony took place in Lisbon, Portugal on September 19. AOI Pro.'s VR Insight™ development project received an award in the Most Innovative App category, which recognizes highly regarded applications that have been developed from completely new ideas.

Most Innovative App Award

<Winner>: Brand Partnerships & Collaborations - Product/Service

VR ON AIR TEST Development Project

Developers: AOI Pro. Inc., ALTITUDE INC., BlueMeme Inc., FOVE, Inc., Neurosky Japan Inc., Up Frontier, Inc., and BRYCEN Co., Ltd.

Mr. Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems Comment

“The OutSystems Innovation Awards recognize companies that have used the OutSystems platform to built innovative and cutting-edge apps,” said Mr. Paulo Rosado. “These organizations are pioneers in building solutions that drive business forward and define the digital future. We congratulate AOI Pro. on winning the Most Innovative App Award for VR Insight.”

About VR OAT

VR OAT, the award-winning project, is the first service offering of the VR Insight™ business line that utilizes VR technology for business. It gathers biological data (eye tracking, electroencephalogram, electrocardiograph, etc.) in real time from people while they watch videos in a VR environment, in order to evaluate their reactions. This data is further supplemented with before/after surveys. We believe that a carefully designed process that collects biological data yields more accurate, detailed and scientific results that are not influenced by biases that accompany observations and response behavior.

By utilizing OutSystems, we were able to complete a development project that would typically take 1-1.5 years from start to finish in only 3 months. BlueMeme completed development on OutSystems in two months, and the VR InsightTM platform and tablet application were developed in three months.

  • Development of a dashboard that aggregates and graphs biological reaction data such as eye tracking, electroencephalogram, and electrocardiograph data from each manufacturer’s device and displays the evaluation
  • Development of a tablet-based survey system to collect data before and after viewing commercials
  • Development of a video management system for video commercial management, client management, and user management, etc.

In this project, our introduction of lean startup and agile development methodologies centered on ALTITUDE INC., and the repeated use of quick “make and show” cycles to develop and review the service definition and requirements, allowed rapid development and high productivity from OutSystems, which was evaluated highly and led to this award.

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