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About Cookies

Cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies (hereinafter collectively ”cookies”) are files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to any internet enabled device – such as your computer, smartphone or tablet – when you visit a website. Cookies normally contain numerical values comprised of the name of the website that generated them, the lifespan of the cookie (period the cookie is saved on your computer for), and a randomly-generated identification number.

Cookies Used by AOI Pro.

AOI Pro. uses both first party and third party cookies on this Website, and details are as shown below.

CategoryPurposeStorage PeriodOrigin
Strictly NecessaryThis cookie is required for this Website to operate properly, and enables use of controls and functions on this Website for you. For example, during a single connection, if you go back to the previous page you can list the actions (text entered, etc.) that you performed on that page.Permanently, or during accessAOI Pro.
PerformanceUsed for AOI Pro.’s understanding of your circumstances, such as pages visited by users of this Website and viewing times, as well as issues such as error messages, and to improve the performance of this Website.Permanently, during access, or as decided by a third partyWordPress
Analytics / TrackingProvides aggregated, anonymous data regarding locations accessed and content executed, etc. by you on AOI Pro.’s or other websites.Permanently, during access, or as decided by the originGoogle Analytics
Social Media / SharingEnables sharing of comments, ratings, pages, bookmarks, help, etc., and simplifies access from social networks and social online tools.As decided by issuerFacebook
Other CookiesSupports a wide variety of functions on this Website.Permanently, during access, or as decided by
Google reCAPTCHA

Purpose of Cookie Use

AOI Pro. utilizes the cookies above for the respective “Purpose” as listed in the table above, and will not use the aforementioned for any other purpose without your consent. Furthermore, in either case, AOI Pro. cannot identify individuals using cookie data.

Use of Third Party Cookies

A third party (including external service providers such as web traffic analysis services)(hereinafter the “Third Party”) may use this Website’s cookies by linking to this Website. AOI Pro. uses some cookies provided by Third Party. The Third Party may use not only the designated information, but, without any notice to AOI Pro., this Website’s cookies in order to track what, when or how you browse this Website. Please refer to the privacy policies or cookie policies of the services listed above for details.
Furthermore, this Website may feature “buttons” from Social Networking Services (SNS). Some SNS may automatically obtain information such as user ID, website being accessed, etc. if pages featuring “buttons,” etc. for that SNS are viewed while you are logged in to the SNS, even if you do not press the “buttons,” etc.

Control of Cookies

Most Internet browsers are initially set to automatically accept cookies. If you do not want this Website to store cookies on your device, you can refuse cookies or change browser settings to receive a warning before certain cookies are stored. The procedures for changing your settings and cookies differ from browser, if necessary, use the user manual for your browser or the help function on your browser.
If you disable the cookies that AOI Pro. uses, this may impact your experience while on this Website, for example you may not be able to visit certain areas of this Website or you may not receive personalized information when you visit this Website.
If you use different devices to view and access this Website (e.g., computer, smartphone, tablet), you will need to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit your cookie preferences.