We Are AOI Pro. Group

AOI Pro. established a network of production teams in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the USA.
Cooperation throughout the network and our Tokyo-based headquarters produces effective utilization of human resources, information, and technology, allowing us to handle a wide range of global projects.

  • Directors Think Tank Malaysia

    Commercial Film Production

    Directors Think Tank, one of the leading production companies in Malaysia, engages in the planning and production of TV commercials, corporate PR videos, and feature films.

    GoTyme Bank

    The Lonely Bot

    Corporate Name

    Reserve Tank Sdn. Bhd.

    CEO, Director

    Rajay Singh


    Unit L11-1, Level 11, Tower 5 - The Volt, Pusat Perdagangan Icon City, No 1B, Jalan SS 8/39, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

  • Directors Think Tank Singapore

    Commercial Film Production

    Directors Think Tank Singapore engages in producing TV commercials, online videos, and providing production services in Singapore.

    Corporate Name

    Directors Think Tank Private Limited

    CEO, Director

    Patminder Singh


    80 Robinson Road #02 - 00 068898 Singapore

  • Ampersand

    Commercial Film Production

    Ampersand is a commercial film production company in Santa Monica, California USA, co-founded by AOI Pro. and Nomad Editing Company.

    Corporate Name

    Ampersand Inc.

    Managing Director

    Phillip Detchmendy


    1903 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404, UNITED STATES



  • Think Tank Nusantara

    Commercial Film Production

    Think Tank Nusantara engages in producing TV commercials, online videos, and providing production services in Indonesia.

    Mondelez International

    “Biskuat Supports Dreams”

    Corporate Name

    PT Tank Kreatif Nusantara

    CEO, Director

    Maurice Noone

  • Think Tank Manila

    Commercial Film Production

    Think Tank Manila engages in producing TV commercials, online videos, and providing production services in the Philippines.

    Bagong Pepsi!

    Corporate Name

    Directors Think Tank Manila Inc.

    CEO, Director

    Adrian Calumpang


    Unit B 7th floor 8 Rockwell, Rockwell Drive, MakatiCity, Philippines

  • C3Film Co.,Ltd.

    Commercial Film Production

    Located in Tokyo and Nagoya, C3Film offers full-service commercial film production for TV, Internet, and a variety of platforms to better respond to the changes of media and communication environment. With expertise in TV commercial production, C3Film continues to apply its ideas and creativity to the ever-changing digital media.

    Boat Race Promotion Association / 2024 BOAT RACE

  • tko Inc.

    Advertisements and Advertising Photography Production

    tko is an advertisements and advertising photography production house which helps client’s communications in wide-ranging forms. With in-house resources such as studio, cameraman, designer, planner, creative director, and technical director, tko fulfills varying creative needs—from logotype design, advertisement production, promotional tool production to planning and implementation of promotional strategies using cutting-edge technologies.

    HIT "Akita Inu 3D Clock"

  • TREE Digital Studio Inc.

    Post Production and Film Studio

    TREE Digital Studio Inc. is a creative studio, consisting of post production, visual effects, shooting divisions and film studios. Their talented staff can create high-quality visual content, with their creativity and technology to solve the client’s challenges.

    Uber Eats Japan / Uber Eats

  • KANAMEL Inc.

    Management of Subsidiaries

    AOI Pro.'s parent company and shareholder, which conducts management of its subsidiaries and group companies, and strengthens corporate governance.