• AOI Pro. has adopted AOI MAGIC! as our company’s slogan.
    We work with the belief that films bring positive change to society.
    We are doing our part for the earth and for everyone’s tomorrow.
    At our production sites, offices, and in each of our lives,
    we are practicing AOI MAGIC! in order to achieve the SDGs.
1Efforts to conserve the environment
We produce about 1,000 commercial films every year. To offset the environmental impact of our activities, we are reducing waste during filming as much as possible and recycling resources to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are also working to reduce our environmental impact by implementing energy-saving practices in our offices.
On set
(in collaboration with our group company TREE Digital Studio)
Sorting waste and recycling resources
We sort the food waste generated during our shoots and Yokohama Kankyo Corporation recycles it into compost. This recycled organic fertilizer is used in a variety of places, including farms, home gardens, and school flower beds.We also recycle plastic bottles and cans.
Reusing equipment that we no longer need
We donate magazines and books that were used on set and in dressing rooms to a used book charity fund and donate equipment that we no longer need to support groups so that they can be reused.
Reducing single-use plastics
To reduce our consumption of plastic resources, we use label-less plastic bottles at some of our sets, distribute lunch in sustainable containers, and serve snacks from display cases instead of providing individually wrapped snacks.We also installed beverage dispensers and provide reusable bottles and cups for individual use to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
At our offices
We have reduced the use of plastic bottles in our offices by removing some vending machines and encouraging employees to use their own bottles. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint and consumption of resources by adjusting the temperature settings of our air conditioners and heaters while also going paperless.
2Regional development project
We are engaged in a regional development project that supports film education, primarily for students. As a member of the travel and learning council organized by ANA HOLDINGS, AOI Pro. has launched the Toritabi project. The project provides students with AOI Pro.’s expertise in film production and encourages them to create films that present the charms of the regions to which they have traveled. This project aims to assist in revitalizing communities.
PHOTO: Behind the Scenes of “Toritabi in Imabari” films

“Toritabi in Imabari” films
3Film education
AOI Film Craft Lab.
In 2020, we launched AOI Film Craft Lab., an online community that enables students and fledgling creators across Japan to learn about filmmaking from professionals. Through AOI Film Craft Lab., we engage in education, providing people with a place to learn and opportunities to connect with the film industry. We offer practical content, including seminars and workshops led by top creators in the field, the experience of shooting commercials on set, and opportunities to produce music videos for famous artists.

» AOI Film Craft Lab.
Outreach classes at elementary schools
We introduce filmmaking careers to students in elementary school classes with the hope of inspiring children, who will lead the future, to take an interest in film production. In a class for sixth graders at an elementary school in Kanagawa Prefecture, we explained topics such as the different types of advertisements, the process of producing a commercial, the importance of keeping messages simple, and what to convey and to whom. We also provided advice on planning and producing projection mapping effects for their graduation production.
4Diversification of work styles
Efforts to support side jobs by professional human resources
We are actively involved in the “Professional Human Resources Strategy” being advanced by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. Since fiscal 2020, AOI Pro. has officially participated in a program that encourages employees to engage in side jobs with the aim of developing greater career ownership. Employees who work as professionals outside of the company are now making use of their experience and skills in fields that are slightly different from their main jobs.
Among the program’s large urban partner enterprises, AOI TYO Holdings ranked first in Japan 2 years in a row for its performance in supporting side jobs during fiscal 2020 and 2021.
Lim Working Group
AOI Pro. hosts Lim (“Life is mine”), a working group on feasible diversity and work styles. So far, Lim has held discussions where employees have freely expressed their opinions on themes such as work-life balance, difficulties facing women at work, and SDGs at AOI Pro.
The logo represents diversity, one of Lim’s themes, and was created based on the image of a tree growing leaves of various colors. (Designed by AOI Pro.’s Ayaka Soneda)
Wheelchair tennis player
Kouhei Suzuki
Photo by Masahiro Honma
Employment of people with disabilities
AOI Pro. is working to employ people with disabilities. We strive to create a rewarding work environment in which every one of our diverse employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.
In 2015, wheelchair tennis player Kouhei Suzuki joined the company. By participating in competitive tournaments and speaking at workshops, he is working daily to raise awareness of sports for people with disabilities and to promote understanding of people with disabilities among the public. He won his first championship at the All Japan Wheelchair Tennis Masters held in December 2021.
5Contributing to society through content creation
©2022"My Small Land" Production Committee
Financing and production of My Small Land (feature film)
My Small Land, co-financed and produced by AOI Pro., is a film that focuses on social problems facing Japan today. Based on the theme of second-generation refugees, it follows the life of a Kurdish girl living in Japan who struggles to find her identity as she grows up amid changes that upend her family’s daily lives due to the loss of their visa status. This film received a Special Mention from the Amnesty International Film Award jury, which recognizes films that address human rights issues. Established in 2005, this award is presented by Amnesty International, an international NGO focused on human rights, to a selected film that screens at the Berlin International Film Festival. Only one film is selected for the award each year. My Small Land was the first film to receive an Amnesty International Film Award “Special Mention,” and this honor has not been awarded to any other film.

» "My Small Land" Named Special Mention of Amnesty International Film Award at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival
Production of With My Eyes (short film)
Organized by QD Laser, Inc., a company that plans, designs, develops, manufacturers, and sells semiconductor lasers and their applications, “With My Eyes” is a project that aims to help those with low vision, improve their sight. AOI Pro. supports the mission behind the “With My Eyes” project and helped to produce the project’s film from December 2020. The film, which was planned and produced on the concept of providing positive value to the lives of people with low vision, depicts people with low vision taking pictures with their own eyes using RETISSA SUPER CAPTURE, a device that incorporates laser retinal projection technology.

» With My Eyes 1 Full ver. (English sub.)

With My Eyes has won the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award and ACC Grand Prix at Design Category, and Silver at Creative Innovation Category at the 2021 61st ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS.
Sponsor of the Special Olympics Nippon Foundation
The Special Olympics is an international sports organization that supports the social participation of people with intellectual disabilities through sports.
Established in 1994 as Japan’s national head organization, the Special Olympics Nippon Foundation (SON) operates under the philosophy of “aiming for a society that respects diversity regardless of disability.” In 2020, the organization initiated new areas of business under the new slogan “Be with all.”

As a supporter and national partner, AOI Pro. produced SON’s official promotional film “Be a fan” in 2013 to introduce the organization’s activities. Since then, AOI Pro. has continued to support the organization through our main field of business, film production.
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
Adopted at a United Nations summit in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 global goals and 169 targets relating to issues including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice, which are to be achieved by 2030.