VR ON AIR TEST Prototype Completed as the First Service of the VR Insight™ Platform for Utilizing VR in Business Using VR to access the mind of people watching video

July 26, 2017

TOKYO-- AOI Pro. Inc., ALTITUDE INC., BlueMeme Inc., FOVE, Inc., NeuroSky Japan Inc., Up-frontier, Inc., and BRYCEN Co.,Ltd. started development of the VR Insight™ platform in March 2017, and have now announced the VR ON AIR TEST (hereinafter “VR OAT”) prototype as its first service.

This service aims to scientifically understand how the human mind works when a person is watching television commercials, by having people watch commercials in a VR environment while monitoring and interpreting their vital reactions, responses, and behavior.

About VR Insight™

Human decision making and behavior are said to be influenced by elements of the unconscious mind, such as the deep psyche and subconscious. The VR Insight™ platform takes the first step towards investigating this phenomenon by combining a high-precision VR experience with the monitoring of vital reactions.

We liken VR to a high-precision simulator, based on the definition of virtual reality given by The Virtual Reality Society of Japan, which states that “virtual reality does not appear to be reality, but is effectively or essentially reality.”
The advantages of utilizing VR are the fact that eye-tracking can be performed with a much higher precision that when using a regular display and stationary camera, and external noise can be minimized when retrieving data for sensing brainwaves, etc., if the subject is immersed in a VR environment.

*AOI Pro. has applied for patents regarding the mechanisms and systems of VR Insight™.

About the VR OAT Prototype

AOI Pro. has been producing video for television commercials, etc. for more than 50 years, yet have never had the opportunity to scientifically verify its effect on the human psyche.

The newly announced VR OAT is a framework for video evaluation. It enhances research by retrieving data on the vital reactions (eye movement, brainwave, electrocardiograph, heartbeat, etc.) of the viewer in real-time, and then combining that data with a survey filled out after viewing. We believe that by utilizing vital reaction data, which is free from the bias inherent to the actions of thinking and replying, while designing the overall flow in an optimal manner, we can perform scientific verification more accurately and in more detail.

VR ON AIR TEST Data Flowchart

VR ON AIR TEST was a collaborative effort. AOI Pro. Inc. identified the challenges involved with marketing. ALTITUDE INC. designed the overall architecture and UI/UX, FOVE 0 was adopted for high-precision eye-tracking of the user wearing the head-mounted display, and the retrieved eye-tracking logs are controlled by a VR application for viewing video that was developed by Up-frontier, Inc. Vital reaction data is retrieved using an electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiograph (ECG) manufactured by NeuroSky Japan Inc., which has a proven track record in the global market. A thermometer and pressure gauge are stored in a controller case designed by BRYCEN Co.,Ltd. The tablet app, management system on cloud, and reporting dashboard were developed by BlueMeme Inc. To achieve the development in a short period of time, OutSystems, the world leading low-code platform, was utilized. The system for storing and managing the retrieved biological data on the cloud was jointly developed and implemented by AOI Pro. Inc. and ALTITUDE INC.

Example Dashboard

The system is centrally managed on the cloud (VR Insight™ Cloud), and enables high-speed processing of data retrieval/analysis and report creation, etc. after data aggregation. So far we have successfully created reports for a trial survey of approximately 250 people during June and July.

AOI Pro. will continue to promote commercialization of VR OAT. In addition, further develop new businesses and services based upon VR Insight™.

Company Profiles

About AOI Pro. Inc.

Since its establishment in 1963, AOI Pro. has established an industry-top level position in Japan for video productions centering on TV commercials. In addition to more than 600 commercial productions every year, AOI Pro. has been proactively working on feature films and dramas in recent years. As a 100% subsidiary of AOI TYO Holdings, the Group has the resources required for everything from planning to direction, production, 3DCG works, and the latest equipment.


With our mission of acting as the mediator between advanced technologies and society/corporations to accelerate innovations, ALTITUDE INC. provides consulting services that focus on creating new businesses to ensure the future of corporations in Tokyo and Silicon Valley. We quickly realize ideas that lead to the creation of corporate value and merge cutting edge technology with consulting methodology to provide both effective business plans and system designs.

About BlueMeme Inc.

BlueMeme Inc. provides software development and implementation consulting service of business system, specialized in the development with the next generation platforms. As the master reseller of OutSystems in Japan, the model-driven development platform, we provide consulting service of development with enterprise agile / model-driven methodology, training service for developers, etc., in addition to the sales of the product. With the optimization and efficiency improvement of system development, we support competitiveness of corporations and achieve IT systems which are flexible to respond to the change of the market.

About FOVE, Inc.

FOVE, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells wearable hardware and software for VR. Based on eye movements detected with an infrared camera, we have developed eye-tracking that enables operations to be performed inside a VR space, and the relevant core technology. We sell the FOVE0 VR headset for developers and have started shipping worldwide from January, 2017.

About NeuroSky Japan Inc.

NeuroSky Japan Inc. provides sensor products for effectively utilizing biosignal data such as brainwaves, electrocardiographs/heartbeats, and myoelectricity, and has shipped more than one million sensor modules. NeuroSky technology accounts for more than 99% of the entertainment products sold in the rapidly growing consumer EEG market, and we have a wide range of customers and partners; from private enterprises and universities to Fortune 500 companies and revolutionary start-up companies.

About Up-frontier, Inc.

Since we were established in 2005, Up-frontier, Inc. has been at the forefront of app development, and has produced and developed more than 400 apps for iOS and Android. We provide a wide range of services, such as service consulting, UI/UX design, server system construction using apps, content production, and surrounding environment services. We also focus on R&D for cutting-edge technologies, and are currently involved in producing services for new devices, such as VR/AR, IoT, and robotics.

About BRYCEN Co.,Ltd.

BRYCEN aims to continuously provide innovative value in the field of system development. We provide customers with surprises and emotions via value engineering for embedded system development and logistics solutions, including cutting-edge imaging technology such as camera solutions for smartphones. BRYCEN unites its offices in Japan and overseas to create a borderless business to tackle the challenge of providing innovative technology to the world.

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