Feature Film "My Small Land"

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Emma Kawawada’s debut feature!
Co-financed and produced by AOI Pro.

2022 the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival - Amnesty International Film Award Special Mention

©2022"My Small Land" Production Committee

For Sarya (17), a Kurdish refugee girl in Japan, life seems to be looking up; her grades at school are enough to pursue college, she’s surrounded with good friends and her relationship with Sota is becoming special. Sarya’s life gets turned upside down, however, when she learns that her family’s refugee status is turned down, restricting her family from work and traveling across the city. Her father, who had continued to work to sustain a living, is taken into custody for illegal employment. Sarya is now suddenly forced into a situation where she is responsible not only for her younger siblings but for her very existence.

ReleasedMay 6, 2022
CastLina Arashi (First feature), Daiken Okudaira
Screenwriter / DirectorEmma Kawawada
MusicROTH BART BARON "N e w M o r n i n g"
ProductionAOI Pro.
URLOfficial Website (Japanese)
StaffProducerMegumi Banse(AOI Pro.)
Associate ProducerEiichi Ohkoba(AOI Pro.)
Assistant ProducerKazunobu Torigoe(AOI Pro.)
Casting: Mayumi Mori(AOI Pro.)
Casting assistant: Azumi Matsumoto(AOI Pro.)


  • 2022 Amnesty International Film Award at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival:<Special Mention>
  • 2022 the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival:Kau Ka Hōkū Award:<Honorable Mention>
  • 2023 Stuttgart Children's Film Festival:<Best Film by the children's jury>

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