Drama "My Little Lover~Minami kun no koibito"

  • Drama/TV Program

Financed and produced by AOI Pro.

Chiyomi Horikiri is a vibrant third year high school student whose hobbies include dance and fiction writing. The only sour note in her life is her childhood sweetheart and classmate Shunichi Minami, who has stopped talking to her since being abandoned by his father. Although she has come to accept Shunichi’s reticence, when she catches sight of him enjoying an intimate walk with another girl, she realizes that she still has strong feelings for him. Her misery is compounded later that night when, following an argument with her parents, Chiyomi races out of her house and bumps into Shunichi, only to be told that he no longer likes her.
Shocked and hurt, Chiyomi attempts to run away from everything, indifferent to the huge storm that is approaching. Chiyomi remembers how carefree and happy she used to be when she was a child, and begins to wish that she could be transported “back to when she was little.” A subsequent lightning strike grants Chiyomi’s wish, but with an unexpected twist—she is reduced to a paltry 15 cm in height! Luckily, Minami is the first to find her. Upon learning of Chiyomi’s wish that no one learn of her shrunken state, Shunichi reluctantly offers his own home as a safe haven, thus paving the way for their secret life together. But despite the welcome thaw in their fractious relationship, one pressing question remains: Will Chiyomi ever return to normal size?

ReleasedNovember 9, 2015
BroadcasterFuji Television Network
Original Work"Minami Kun No Koibito" by Shungicu Uchida
Script Yuka Arai
DirectorKazuya Konaka
Project Management"My Little Lover~Minami kun no koibito" Production Committee (SPO Entertainment, Fuji Television Network, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, AOI Pro.)
CastTaishi Nakagawa/Maika Yamamoto/Naomi Akimoto/Kouichi Ohori/Riko Yoshida/Mirai Suzuki/Erina Nakayama/Moe Sasaki/Ichirota Miyakawa/Narimi Arimori/Kazue Tsunogae
Opening Theme Song"Niji no Mukou e" by Amatsuki
Ending Theme Song"Tada Anata no Soba de" by Yuuka Ueno
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StaffProject Management: Yasuhito Nakae(AOI Pro.)
Producer: Akihiko Yose(AOI Pro.)
Associate Producer: Yuho Tadano(AOI Pro.)
Casting Director: Mayumi Mori(AOI Pro.)
Opening Sequence Director: Kei Takahashi(AOI Pro.)