With the widespread use of the internet and the explosive prevalence of cell phones, current day communication cannot be characterized without reflecting the powerful influence of social media such as blogs, message boards, Twitter, and Facebook.

We, AOI Pro. Inc., maintain a flexible stance towards the ever-changing social media scene, and believe in the proactive use of these online forums as a means of communication. As a company involved in ad production, we fully understand the impact of information propagation and our role in ensuring the accuracy of the information shared. We are and continue to be educating our employees to be responsible members of this massive media age.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We believe in engaging in proactive online interaction in order to improve communication.
  2. We encourage all employees to contribute their particular skill set to effectively use social media.
  3. We require that each employee take accountability and responsibility for his or her speech.

Guidelines for Our Online Behavior

We, AOI Pro. Inc., respect the freedom of speech. However, due to the fact that social media involves a large and indefinite number of users from various backgrounds and circumstances, the sharing of information, albeit a personal opinion, could have repercussions beyond the transmitter’s control. We call on each of our employees to understand and respect the impact that social media can have, and to be in strict compliance with laws and regulation as well as our internal guidelines.

Official Information Dissemination

Employee postings in social media forums do not necessarily reflect the official views of AOI Pro. To view our official announcements, please visit the company websites at:

January 1, 2019
AOI Pro. Inc.
Hajime Ushioda, Representative Director & President

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