In the interest of maintaining the trust of all our stakeholders, each company in the AOI Pro. Group (hereinafter the "Group") is dedicated to appropriately handle and safeguard your information assets including personal information which we have retained or received from you.

Scope of Application

This policy is applicable to all assets in our possession obtained through the course of our operations and all personnel who have access to the assets.

Responsibility of Management

The management of each company in the Group, being keenly aware of the importance of information security, appropriates necessary resources towards the handling and protection of the information and takes initiatives in furtherance of information security.

Management Structure

At the Group, the Representative Director & President of AOI Pro. Inc. is the executive officer who is responsible for security management, and in that role he appoints a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Each Group company has an Information Security Officer (ISO).


Each Group company implements an education program which trains all officers and employees in regards to ensuring information security.

Incidents Regarding Information Security

Should any untoward incident regarding information security occur, our Group companies shall address such incident promptly in order to minimize any damage.

Continuous Improvement

Each Group company methodically and continuously makes efforts to enhance the activities stated herein in pursuit of improving information security.

Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations

Each Group company has instituted internal rules regarding information security and is in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Measures against Risks

Each Group company is constantly evaluating and analyzing risks to information security and implements all available and complete security measures appropriate to their findings.

This policy was enacted on August 29, 2011
This policy was last modified on January 1, 2019
AOI Pro. Inc.
Hajime Ushioda, Representative Director & President

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