AOI Pro. Welcomes The Berry Boys: The Talented Directing Duo from London, who are now represented in Japan

September 28, 2023

It is with great enthusiasm that we, AOI Pro. now represent directing duo, The Berry Boys, in Japan.
Their unique approach to storytelling and how they blend various creative elements and techniques, is exceptional. Together, we’re looking forward to pushing the boundaries of imaginative content and producing work that captivates audiences around the world.

Comment from Ryan Burnham, Director of The Berry Boys

We are so proud to join AOI Pro. Global and to be given the amazing opportunity to take on the advertising scene in Japan.
Ever since we were kids, our filmmaking style has always been action-packed, vibrant and original. When you travel over to Japan, you’re exposed to outstanding creativity, marketing and advertising that isn’t commonly seen over here in London. It’s these unique styles that have drawn us Berry Boys in. We can’t wait to incorporate our own filmmaking techniques and show agencies and clients what we’re capable of achieving through the combination of Live action, VFX and CGI.

Comment from Luke Robson, Director of The Berry Boys

When it comes to filmmaking and advertising, we've always loved Japan's quirky and stimulating approach: big characters, animation, energetic titles, dynamic camera movement, and bold visuals. So, coming from visual effects and action filmmaking backgrounds, we feel like we couldn't be a better fit for the Japanese markets! 
We have a very unique style of integrating visual effects, CGI and comedy that not only leaves people in awe… but also leaves them smiling too. 
Our ideas are big, and we're always pushing to create stand-out content, and we feel Japan is the perfect playground for us.
We feel very lucky to be working with AOI, a leading company in the industry.

Comment from Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Executive Producer of AOI Global

The Berry Boys share our vision for innovative and entertaining filmmaking.  Our collaboration promises to deliver content that captivates and inspires audiences worldwide. We can't wait to share more updates on our joint projects and exciting new ventures.

About the The Berry Boys

Left: Ryan Burnham, Right: Luke Robson

The Berry Boys (Ryan Burnham and Luke Robson) create action packed TVC’s, viral adverts, digital content and short films. The award-winning duo have a distinct and exciting directing style that pushes creativity through comedy, live action, CGI, animation and visual effects, to create and achieve extraordinary, stand-out results. 
Ryan and Luke are born and bred Londoners. They grew up together (on the same road!) in West London and now work in East London. The Berry Boys have been making films together since they were 15 years old.
Their work has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Young Director Award, Vimeo Staff Pick, Saatchi and Saatchi New Creators Showcase, and Shiny Awards. 

See their latest works on the AOI Pro. Global website

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