AOI Pro. Wins Bronze at the 2021 Clio Health

July 7, 2021

We are proud to announce that East Japan Railway Company / 'TRAIN'ing, in which AOI Pro. was involved in film production, has won three Bronze award at the 2021 Clio Health.

Clio Health was founded in 2009 to celebrate the work behind wellness as a part of the Clio Awards program. Clio Awards is one of the world’s 3 biggest creative awards which celebrate high achievement across a wide range of genres such as advertising, sports, fashion, music, entertainment, and health.

<Bronze>Direct (Health & Wellness): Digital/Mobile: Lifestyle
<Bronze>Experience/Activation (Health & Wellness): Lifestyle
<Bronze>Out of Home (Health & Wellness): Other: Lifestyle

Client: East Japan Railway Company
Agency: McCann Healthcare Worldwide Japan Inc.
Production: AOI Pro. Inc.
*AOI Pro. involvement: film production
Executive Producer: Hisaya Katoh
Producer: Takahide Suzuki
Director/Cinematographer: Masahiro Kawamoto

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