AOI Pro., Amuse and Origamix Launch a Project to Produce Original Intellectual Properties

May 20, 2021

Tokyo – AOI Pro. Inc., AMUSE INC. and ORIGAMIX PARTNERS inc. have launched “AAO Project,” in which the three companies team up to produce original intellectual properties (IP). The project aims to produce works in various genres: comics, novels, anime, games, theatrical performances, films, dramas and digital contents, in collaboration with popular creators and companies representing the entertainment industry.

Lifestyles have been changing continuously due to the COVID-19 crisis. The entertainment industry is no exception, and it is becoming more and more the norm for people to "transcend time and space" by freely enjoying content, such as apps and video distribution, on the internet.

The project brings together the knowledge, skills and connections which the three companies have cultivated in their respective fields to develop original IP. The project aims to provide works that are loved by many fans both in Japan and overseas through original IP and pursue various business developments.

Today the AAO Project launched the “Japanese Idol” project called ”STATION IDOL LATCH!” in collaboration with JR East Marketing & Communications, Inc. Moreover works in other genres, such as anime, games, comics and novels are currently under development. Please contact us for further information.

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