AOI Pro. Group Wins Multiple Awards at the 2020 APAC Effie Awards

September 28, 2020

The works produced by AOI Pro. Group have won 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze awards and 1 work has been named a finalist at the 2020 APAC Effie Awards.

The Asia Pacific Effie Awards was founded in 1968 to honour the region’s most outstanding marketing communication works that have proven results in meeting strategic objectives. The award now celebrates effectiveness worldwide with the Global Effies, the APAC Effies, the Europe Effies, the Middle East/North Africa Effies, and North America Effies.
81 winners were selected out of 122 finalists for the 2020 APAC Effie Awards.


<GOLD>: Branded Content
<GOLD>: Small Budget-Products
<SILVER>: Influencer
<BRONZE>: Social Media Marketing

Procter & Gamble Japan / PANTENE "The Hairy Tale by babychanco"
Director: Kei Takahashi (AOI Pro.)

Directors Think Tank

<FINALIST>: Media Content Partnership

Procter & Gamble "#WANITABESI"

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