AOI Pro. Group Wins at the 2020 AD STARS

September 8, 2020

The works produced by AOI Pro. and Directors Think Tank (AOI Pro. Group) won 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 8 Bronze and 2 Crystal awards at the 2020 AD STARS.

The AD STARS is an international advertising festival in the Republic of Korea. This year, winners were selected out of 20,028 entries.

<Bronze>: Green

LIFULL Table Presents – Earth Cuisine – #2 “Bamboo Sweets”
Client: LIFULL Co., Ltd.
Agency: LIFULL / PEAK / AOI Pro.
Event Production: tko
Creative Producer: Hisaya Katoh
Event Producer: Takahiro Natsukuri (tko), Yasunori Shioda (tko)

Directors Think Tank

<Gold>: Mobile - Mobile Craft: Innovative Use of Technology
<Bronze>: Interactive - Interactive Craft: Innovative Use of Technology
<Bronze>: Innovation
<Crystal>: Interactive - Use of Interactive: Use of Web Platforms

Xiao En “Blink” (Collaboration with SOOTH)

<Silver>: Pivot

Pet World Marketing / ProBalance “Staaaaay”

<Bronze>: Diverse Insights
<Bronze>: Healthcare

Maxis “Deria Takbir (Unheard Prayer)”

<Bronze>: Branded Entertainment Videos

“PETRONAS Land of Light Bulbs”

<Bronze>: Pivot

“Play Your Part - Sanitiser”

<Bronze>: Pivot

The Coca-cola Company “Coca-cola_For The Human Race_Phase 1”

<Crystal>: Film - Film Craft: Direction


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