Maurice Noone of Group Company Directors Think Tank Selected as Film Craft Jury at Spikes Asia 2019

September 10, 2019

Tokyo – We are honored to announce that Maurice Noone, Film Director / Co-Founder at our group company in Malaysia, Directors Think Tank, has been selected as one of the jury members for the Film Craft category at Spikes Asia 2019.

Spikes Asia, the oldest and most prestigious award for creative advertising in Asia Pacific region, will take place in Singapore from September 25 to 27.
This year, 97 jury members from 17 countries have been selected to benchmark the very best creative work from across the region.

Maurice Noone - Film Director / Co-Founder, Directors Think Tank

As one of the founding partners of Directors Think Tank, Maurice is even-tempered and analytic. He lived abroad for many years in the UK, schooled at Marlborough college, Wiltshire, and then graduated with a BSc. of Psychology from Leeds University.

Upon his return to Malaysia, in 1999, he chose film and commercial production as his vocation, determined to make it his own way. Friendly, intelligent and driven, his passion quickly saw him working his way up in 5 short years, becoming one of the Malaysia's busiest commercial film directors at age 24.

In his first year of directing, he won multiple awards at the Malaysian Video Awards, and the industry took notice that he was someone to watch. 10 years later, the work and the awards haven't slowed down at all. Together with his partners, Maurice has grown Directors Think Tank significantly with offices in Singapore and Jakarta. They were awarded Production House of The Year 2018 at Kancil Awards, Malaysia and the same year at Citrapariwara Awards Indonesia.

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