AOI TYO Holdings

Operational management of affiliated subsidiaries and ancillary or related operationsAOI TYO Holdings Inc.

Key Group Companies

Advertising Content Production in AsiaAOI Asia

Taking pride in delivering the highest in quality, with an attitude and attention to detail, along with the flexibility to use the most comprehensive cutting edge technology, and access to a network of world class creativity (for the Asian advertising industry). That is the "AOI Quality".
Residing in each country to offer the true "AOI Quality" will be experienced Japanese producers from “AOI Pro.” who are known for their trust and steadfast reliable performance in production management in the Japanese advertising industry, creating a locally based production environment that equals that of Japan.

Post-ProductionDIGITAL GARDEN Inc.

Digital Garden’s core services encompass all aspects of post production including offline & online editing, color grading, VFX/CGI as well as the final audio mix. Internationally, Digital Garden has strong working relationships with highly acclaimed DI color grading companies, Company 3 (CO3) based in LA and Moving Picture Company (MPC) based in London. Furthermore Digital Garden has expanded their services to include film production centered around in-house Digital Imagery Technicians (DIT).
Offering filming, editing, visual effects/ CGI, and audio mix under one facility ensures Digital Garden’s clients in the advertising and entertainment industries a seamless and fluid work flow for all their film and interactive content needs.

Commercial Film StudioMedia Garden Inc.

Media Garden Inc., one of the largest commercial film studios in Japan, consists of 3 stages of varying sizes. In addition to being the first studio to offer the highly specialized Fisher Lighting System in Japan, Media Garden Inc. takes special pride in now offering the unique Gantry Crane, which is capable to move in all XYZ directions. Rental and sales of a variety of high end lighting equipment including the LED Litepanels is also available. Media Garden Inc. is now in the process to begin producing 3D / stereoscopic contents and offering the related equipment for rental.

Commercial Film ProductionWasabe Advertising Inc.

Wasabe Advertising Inc., a commercial film production company, is known for its outstanding level of communication design. Wasabe’s primary aim is to always be a production that moves and inspires the times. Wasabe offers a quick and attentive response with the creative flexibility and sensitivity that goes beyond the traditional form of commercial film production.

Commercial Film ProductionC3Film Co.,Ltd.

"Communication, Contents, Creativity" as a philosophy, C3Film Co.,Ltd. is recognized as a leader in commercial film production within the global market. With over 50% of their clients being foreign affiliated firms, C3Film Co.,Ltd. offers all forms of “Above-the-line” to “Below-the-line” production to better respond to the needs of their international clients. With offices in Tokyo and Nagoya, C3Film Co.,Ltd. is now able to provide their clients with the most cost effective approach while maintaining the highest in quality.

Consumer Photography StudioHollyhock Inc.

Established in May, 2010 as a high end consumer photography studio, Hollyhock Inc. opened their first studio location in September 2010 in Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi. Incorporating the long established filming expertise of the AOI Pro. GROUP, who are recognized as a leader in the commercial film and advertising industry in Japan, Hollyhock Inc. provides a unique portrait photography experience like no other in Japan. Aiming to become a nationwide leader in the consumer photography industry, Hollyhock Inc. continues further to expand its core business to include becoming a top of the line supplier of distinguishing customer related photography goods and services.

Advertisements and Advertising Photography Productiontko Inc.

Since its establishment, tko Inc. has focused on offering one-stop graphic production that starts from concept work, planning and design, and follows through the filming process. Now, with the slogans of “Creativity in motion” and "More flexible", tko Inc. has began taking on the challenges of multi-faceted media that center around one-stop cross-media creations and graphics. tko Inc. continuously strives to fulfill the needs of people and the times.

Radio Commercial and Movie Content ProductionDainichi.Co.,Ltd

Dainichi.Co.,Ltd is an advertising production house boasting of a 50-year-long business history.
The company has produced various top quality contents, ranging from TVCMs, radio CMs, video packages, to music videos.
Equipped with a video editing room as well as an audio mixing room, Dainichi.Co.,Ltd manages a music library of over 2,500 songs. Quick to identify business opportunities, Dainichi.Co.,Ltd is constantly on the lookout for new challenges.

Online Marketing SolutionsQuark tokyo Inc.

Quark tokyo, with extensive expertise in the fields of creativity and data comprehension, is a one-stop marketing solution shop. We can provide comprehensive PDCA solutions ranging from strategic planning of online contents, creative ideas, production, data analysis to media reach. With our vast knowledge regarding all aspects of ad technology such as targeting, Data Managing Platform, Public Media Platform, Demand-Side Platform and audience data exchange, we continue to perform above and beyond client expectations in providing communication strategies.

Utilizing Data to Design ExperiencesSOOTH Inc.

AOI Pro., one of Asia’s leading film companies and provider of inspirational experiences, has teamed up with Altitude, a creator of new business and innovation through cutting-edge technologies, to form a new kind of digital solutions company.
We live in an age where people’s lifestyles, actions, desires, and values, are constantly changing. In this kind of era, there is need for a service that can consistently capture these trends and provide organic change. Our goal is to utilize engineering and imagination to pursue truths (SOOTH) that breathe life and variety into people’s lives.
We will utilize rapidly-advancing devices and AI, as well as biosensors in particular, to analyze human psychology, make predictions, and create new experiences and services.

Influencer Casting and SNS BrandingTagpic Inc.

Tagpic is the first Japanese PR company specializing in production functions and agency functions for Instagram, and was founded in 2015 by female entrepreneur Ayumi Yasuoka. The company provides corporate clients with services such as the casting of influencers that are active on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, branding and consulting for Instagram, and operation and sales of branding video distribution networks.



CluB_A manages film directors and other creative personnel in various fields that have been nurtured to the AOI Pro. standard of excellence.