AOI Pro. Group Adds Largest Video Production Company in Vietnam View Finder Media to Group of Companies AOI Asia expands to fifth location

October 25, 2017

The AOI Pro. Group made VF Investment Joint Stock Company into a group company by acquiring an ownership stake. VF Investment Joint Stock Company is the holdings company which owns View Finder Media, the largest image production company in Vietnam, which AOI Asia is designating as its new production location in Vietnam.

The size of the advertising market in Vietnam has been expanding continuously with a growth rate of at least 10% each year since 2005. Amidst this growth, television far outstrips any other type of advertising media, with TV ads comprising at least 85% of all advertising budgets (according to research by Statista and Kantar Media). Meanwhile, with the average age of Vietnamese citizens being 28 years old, demand for mobile video aimed at young people is expected to grow.

Having already established locations in Indonesia, Thailand, Beijing and Shanghai under the banner of AOI Asia, the AOI Pro. Group is advancing its Asia strategy even further by adding a new group company with the acquisition of VF Investment Joint Stock Company. This company is the parent of View Finder Media, the largest video production company in Vietnam, which was established in 2008 and boasts the highest sales volume in the industry nationwide. With the scope and experience the company has to offer, clients and agencies throughout Vietnam place strong trust in its video production. Since the company owns several large studios, and has an internal staff that includes casting professionals, stylists and cameramen, they can handle everything from pre-production to post-production smoothly and consistently.

Company Details: View Finder Media

NameViewfinder Media Joint Stock Company
Address16A Le Hong Phong, Ward 12, Dist. 10, Ho Chi Minh City 700000 Vietnam
EstablishedAugust 23, 2008
(after acquiring an ownership stake)
Representative Director: Truong Minh Tuan
Director: Diep Tuan Dung
Director: Truong Chi Binh
Director: Nguyen Quoc Hung
Director: Shuzo Yamada
Director: Nobuaki Ito
Capital4 billion Vietnamese dong (roughly 20 million Japanese yen)
111.4 billion Vietnamese dong (roughly 546 million Japanese yen) (period ended December 2016)
Business areasVideo production, advertising production, and other businesses, with a focus on planning and production of television commercials
Members of AOI Pro. and View Finder Media
Office photo
Office photo

Notable productions

Janus, Grande, Acruzo “For beautiful ride”

About AOI Pro.

Since its establishment in 1963, AOI Pro. has established an industry-top level position in Japan
for video productions centering on TV commercials. In addition to more than 600 commercial
productions every year, AOI Pro. has been proactively working on feature films and dramas in
recent years. As a 100% subsidiary of AOI TYO Holdings, the Group has the resources required
for everything from planning to direction, production, 3DCG works, and the latest equipment.

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